Local Listings Optimization

local-listings-malaysiaGenerally people have a tendency to find for shops, food, salon, spa, shopping malls, mechanics and theater hall – all near their houses. And they are not turned down in their quest to find so. Internet marketing is flourishing like never before. Thus our customers at Maroon Cube have a variety to choose from. There are a number of search engines these days. Earlier it was only Google; but now there have been local search engines, general search engines and internet yellow pages and a number of other web pages that enlist the local business. In this way, our ‘local listings’ are something that must be paid serious attention to.

Google did not create local listings considering the big businesses in mind. This is quite a paradox in itself; according to Google 75 per cent of the searches are local searches. A businessman need not be told about the importance of missing that 75 per cent.

If you have now sat up straight and are thinking about what you can do to pull up your business, then we can help you create Google local listings. If you are getting paranoid about how to go about it, relax – it is fast, free of cost and of course easy! Just follow the steps in order:

  • We move to the webpage
  • Log in using our account
  • Click on “Add New Listing”
  • Fill up the required fields. This would include the name of the country where your business is located, name of business, website address, email address, and phone number. You also have to enter a category (a maximum of 5 categories is allowed) that would best illustrate your business. Then click on “Next” to proceed with your local listings.
  • The “Hours of Operation” field is very important, as your customer would want to know when you are open.
  • We also fill the field of “Payment Option”. Here the aim is to be as specific as you can, as this is the path through which your money will come in lieu of your product or services.

If your business already is featured in the local searches, then you have to claim the “local listings”. After all this, you need to keep a close check on whether your business local listings are available on the search results of late. If not then, step into the new arena of Google map optimization.

Local listings give you a larger exposure in your locality more than ever before. The customers might have never known about your business if you did not put up a local listing. People have changed these days. Rather than going out of the house they do a complete search on the product that they want. So in this case, our aim is to help your business to keep pace with the new demands and ways of success, in order to make a good business.

Putting up a website and a local listing is easy but what is not is maintaining the position in the search results. We even conduct searches on your company to understand where you are placed.