Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is an online activity which uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) together with other web marketing tools to attract the attention of potential customers and also search engines. These oline advertisement tools enable you to compete effectively online and also help to generate more traffic to your website, thereby increasing sales


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet Marketing advertisement tool, whereby a bid for relevant keyword phrases are placed. These keywords are entered in the search engines for locating the products and services. For instance the keywords namely, “Evening Gown”, “Trendy Evening wear” and “classy shawl” are usually bid for selling Ladies Wear. The bid on the above keywords are placed in the hope that any online users will hopefully search one of these keywords online, view your ads, click it and buy your product or services. Such types of ads are referred to as sponsored ads or sponsored links and these appear noticeably beside the displayed results section on a search page. At Maroon Cube, we assist you to choose the accurate PPC keywords to suit your business initiative and to place bid on cost-effective ads.We assist our customers by creating quality presentations, online ad campaigns and mini websites.

Social Media

Social Media is an effective internet marketing tool which uses social networking sites as their primary marketing medium. We help to build a community of all those people who wish to use your products/services. Thus we create an excellent opportunity to:

  • Retain your potential customers
  • Increased value to your business

We assist you in communicating with the right people at right time to build your social networking campaign. By utilizing these prospects you are sure to expand your products/services branding and at the same time build cordial long-term relationships with esteemed customers.


Local Listings

Local Listings is an effective internet marketing tool to promote business solutions for our customers. Local Listings refer to brief advertisement segments relevant to the product/ services which you offer. We help you in providing the needed information to be listed in your advertisements. We help to expand our customers businesses to the needed location using this advertising technique. The noticeable feature is that we possess intact verification process team to secure your listing against unauthorized changes if any.

Reputation Management

For any organization, reputation management is of prime essence. We provide reputation management services for many of our customers. We have designed many strategies to protect our customer’s brand reputation which includes:

  • Observation
  • Identification
  • Inspection
  • Optimization
  • Proper utilization of internet

Negative or bad links causes potent harm to your businesses. Being a SEO company, we primarily focus on eliminating the negative or bad links from the front pages of search engines. We help to negate the effects causing harm to your reputation and build positive brand image for your products/services.