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Maroon Cube, has been designing and creating affordable websites for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia and across Asia since 2009.

We understand the need for your business to have an online presence in this digital age. Our affordable web design Packages take into consideration your financial constraints especially for start-up companies. Our affordable web design packages enables you to start getting your business online with a minimal fee and offers you the freedom to upgrade your website pages, content and functionality as your business grows.

A Maroon Cube affordable web design package is not only low cost and looks great, it is also created with ease-of-navigation in mind, functionality and many more features to establish your online presence. Thanks to our years of experience, we can make sure that your website appears at the top of the search engine rankings with our SEO services.

Want a fast & affordable web design solution for your business?

We are the most affordable web design company in Malaysia.
We provide start-ups and SME in Malaysia a platform to setup their own professional looking website at a very low cost. Yes! Show me how.

It’s your turn! It’s time you take your business social. There is a whole sea of potential market yet to be touched and you can tap into it by connecting your business to the social media!

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Domain names are unique and acts as your brand ambassador. Get your brand recognized online. Register your business related domain name before your competitors snag it!

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From Local to Global

You are opening up a demographic that you were never reaching before. On the Internet, not only is your business targeting your local market, but you now have the potential to be seen all across Malaysia and the world. Did you ever think your company would have the possibility of doing business around the world? Well, now you can.

24/7 Customer Service

Having a website will cut down calls or time your employees or yourself spends on the phone answering questions that could have been much easier to answer if there was a website. Online forms can also be used to allow customers or clients to request quotes or ask further information. Even when your office is closed, your website will always be available.

Effective Branding

A professional website will brand your business, give you credibility and create confidence in new customers or clients who are not familiar with your company. Your logo, your colors and your message will reinforce the branding you need and give you an online presence that your competition may not have.

Your Competition Has a Website

If you do not already have a website, We’re sure your competition does, even if they’re a small business. If people are going to the web before using the phone, how much business do you think you’ve lost already? People want to find out as much as they can about the business they don’t know about or they want to call for services.

Customer Interactivity

Keep in mind that your website can be used to generate leads and gather useful information from your customers. The more you know your customer, the better. You must give them reasons to stay on your website and participate as much as possible while visiting your website. Add photo and video galleries, calendar of events, blogs and forums, newsletters, feedback forms, voting polls, monthly specials, etc.